Culture : Balinese Wedding

I got a chance to see Balinese wedding in years ago. lol. not recently tho but i still have the good photos of that moments. Well actually the wedding was held on 2010, its been 4 years now but its okay, because there a just few information or photos about cultural weddings on the net, maybe this one can be one of those. Back there, i ever posted about the Traditional Ceremony in Javanese Wedding, but i guess i never post about the Javanese Wedding itself. Well I am from Java and ever attended the Javanese Wedding so many times, but maybe because it’s not a new thing for me so i don’t pay any attention to it. 🙂 but I’ll post it somehow in the future.

This Balinese wedding was taken place in Ubud, in one of the Resort there and I got the chance to see it and also captured some good moment in it. About the culture itself, Balinese Wedding is connected to the Hindu religion, but about the culture, i think somehow similar with Javanese Wedding. There are some scenes which are the same with in Javanese Wedding and maybe have the same meaning. And of course some are different. Anyway here are some of the photos, hope you guys like them: 


Hope you guys like it. Me? I love it! I love culture and traditional stuff, and it looks colorful tho.

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