Backpacking : Megalithic Site – Gunung Padang (older than Egyptian Pyramid??)

It was one night on a Friday night, with the CSers i was hanging out in Mellys then one of the CSer and also a Photographer named Dadi, he said that he and the others would go to a place to catch the sunrise. He asked me to join him without telling me the location place that we aimed and also not even tell me the people who join this trip. one thing i knew, it must be outside Jakarta. He told me to bring jacket and my camera for that. It will be a photo-hunting trip, he said.

I was texting with Jonas so many times that day and since i had no idea who join this trip I invited him and asked him to bring his jacket and a camera too. And he brought his jacket but not the camera and asked me why he needed a jacket to go to a club? Lol. it was misunderstanding, when i told him to catch the ‘Sunrise’, he thought that ‘Sunrise’ was the name of a club. lol. So he didn’t join but he put his jacket on my bag before i joined the other that Dadi told me were ‘secret’, but it turned out i know most of them: Frans, Lilly, and Vickar, just one person that I didn’t know name Boy, he’s a model. So it was six of us finally on the way to the location, which was I didn’t know where.

We thought that we would arrived at the location around 3 or 4 am in Saturday morning but it turned out we were still on the way to get there after the sun raised, The traffic was so f**king crazy!! and since the plan was out of schedule the told me the location of the place that we aimed: Gunung Padang. Gunung Padang known as a Megalithic Site located in West Java, in Karyamukti Village, Cianjur area. Gunung Padang is the largest megalithic site in Southeastern Asia!! The first report of this site were released on Rapporten van de Oudheidkundige Dienst (ROD, “Report of the Department of Antiquities”) in 1914. The location of this site is covers with steep hills and terraces make this place bit difficult to be found (back in the age). The complex of this site is covering a hill and bordered with wall of andesite stones surrounded by steep valleys. This place is a sacred place by locals. This place was believe by locals as a place that Prabu Siliwangi (King of Sunda) who tried to built a palace in one night. There were researches who observed this area and said that this megalithic site can be one in the group of pyramid era. They said this this site has a same form as a pyramid, Semir Sam Osmanagich said that a pyramid is a building or a hill that modified by men, and some questions popped up: who built this site? and how?

There are some controversy about this megalithic site, some people believe that there are some connection between this Gunung Padang site with the Pyramids in Egypt, because the form somehow similar and its older than Egyptian Pyramids. Nowdays this site is still under observation. Following the mystery of this Gunung Padang site, Researchers said that this site is built around 4.700 until 10.900 years BC, older than Egyptian Pyramids which are around 2.500 BC, but the verification wasn’t maximum yet, that makes the researchers bit confused about the age of this site. The controversy start to spread after Andi Arif released a statement which said that there is a form like a pyramid under this Gunung Padang site construction last year. He said that this site has chambers like built by men.

By the end of 2012 there was a meeting to evaluate the observation based on data and also some drilling on the some side parts of this site and also petrographic analysis scientifically can be concluded that there is men-made structure under this megalithic site. the building under the surface can be sure that it has chambers, and other forms of structure (alleged cave or hallway). I don’t know that much about archeology but its said that the researchers found some different types of stones which it could somehow means that this site was built in more than one period, but involves some cultures. This site maybe an evidence of the oldest civilizations known to man which missing from information pre-history of Indonesia. Or for more information maybe you can read about this site here and here. Well somehow by imagining about the chambers underneath this site somehow reminds me of the Tomb Raider movie, there was a scene when she explore Angkor Wat and found a way to get in the chamber underneath that Angkor Wat. Pretty cool to me. and Angelina Jolie looks hot too there!

Anyway here is the custom image of this Gunung Padang Megalithic Sites from this blog. Or you can check this one too.

Or you can also check this information its in English, above I just collect some information from Indonesian sites this one already in English.

Anyway, back to my trip, We arrived at this place around 9-10 am and it was hot already. The sun was already up and no more sun rises coz it was already up. so to get to the site we need to walk from the parking lot around 300 meters then we need to pay an entrance tickets, IRD2.000 for local and IDR5.000 for foreigner. After that we need to hike to the top (by the original trek), or you can take another trek by the path that just made which is not so steep up but takes bit more time and bit longer to reach the top of the site. I took the original trek, it was bit hard since it was been so long i didn’t do some kind of work out, but the view surrounding was so breath-taking!

When I reached the top there were many people there dressed in army uniforms (i guessed they helped the researchers there to observed the site), and also some visitors such as a bunch of kids with their teacher listen to the guide who tell them about the site in Sundanese (I don’t understand Sundanese so I had no idea what the guide was talking about). Some families and some couple lovers which avoid the Warning sign there which said ‘do not stand on the stone’ but they still did it until there was a guide warned them.

There was a hut there to monitor the site area and there was a small warung on the back of this site and also a Mushola (a place for Muslim to pray) which made from Bamboo (it was unique).

Gunung Padang

I wanted to see around a bit but Boy was scared so we came back to the hut with the others. There the guide told us some stuff about this site and also showed us the sketch of this site in total form. He said that many people come to this place to pray on the day and some spirits too after the sun down. that one made Boy scared (and he also scared of the banana trees). From this site (on the top of the hill) we can see surrounding and it surrounded by 4 mountains so this one is in the middle of those mountains, kinda remind me of Machu Pichu (I wish i could go there soon!). This site somehow reminded me of the book that I ever read Atlantis – The Lost Continent Finally Found by professor Arysio Santos. Well I do not know if its true or not but I keep my eyes open for that. 🙂 Well who knows that its one of the evidence that Atlantis was here? I found an article which said that somehow Atlantis was mentioned in Al Qur’an (after I asked my friend Riadh, he told me to search for People of ‘Ad and Ubar and I found good articles about that!)

So, since it was a photo-hunting trip and there was a model joined us too so we took some model-photo thingy. and the same time enjoying the nature.


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