Backpacking : Lombok – The Unique of Sasak Tribe

Sasak Tribe, Sade Village

There is one famous tribe in Lombok called Sasak Tribe. It located on the South of Lombok, South of Lombok International Airport, and it just before Kuta beach, well around 15 minutes North of Kuta Beach. The Village is exactly on the side of the road. So I don’t think that you’ll miss it if you go to Kuta beach from Praya (but yea, you’ll miss it if you sleep along the way 🙂 ). This trip was my first time to visited this tribe, my first time in Lombok I just passed it because I took taxi back there (still, renting a vehicle is soo much better to get around in Lombok). This tribe is bit unique (well actually every tribes are unique, different from one and another) and of course this one is totally different with Baduy Tribe in Banten, West Java.

So, to get around this village, actually there will be a local persons who offer themselves to you as your guide. They will show you around. Like my guide. He showed me around. Started right away after I parked my motorcycle on the opposite on the village gate. And after we entered the gate my guide started to explained to me about the tribe, the traditional house. The traditional houses are made from Bamboo and the roof made from damen (paddy plants, or something like that. I don’t know how to call it in English 😛 forgive my English). My guide explained to me about the house (the leader house), like there were 5 stairs and why five and something like that. after that he showed me around and explained some stuff too. There were many sellers there and my guide was stopped at one place where the woman sell some fabric like traditional woven fabrics made from cotton and there was a spinning wheel there that they use to make strings from cotton. 

Suku Sasak

My guide took me to a house close to the seller earlier and he said it was okay for me to got in, I only needed to took of my flip-flops. Inside the house was cool, even the outside was so hot. The floor made from clay and there were 5 stairs. It looked like the floor just mopped. My guide explained to me that in every houses in Sasak Tribe, there were three rooms, the first room was the common room and also the bedroom for parents, the second room was a kitchen which was also the room for a daughter (unmarried), and the other room was a labor room.

Still in side the house, my guide explained to me that this house was just mopped. They mopped once in two weeks and used cow-sh*t to mopped it. Once again, Buffalo-SH*T! Eww…. :O


Other than that sh*t thingy, the unique about Sasak Tribe is when it comes to Marriage. The marriage there is bit expensive, you need to provide two buffaloes for the girl family, so to make it cheaper, many people there marriage to their relatives, by marrying the relative all they need to give as gifts (or mahar) are praying goods (sholat goods), like saljadah (carpet), mukena (hijab), and something like those which are totally cheaper than two buffaloes.

Also when it comes the marriage there is a step called Merarik, which is consider crime for people (outside that tribe, let say, me) is the Legal Kidnapping. So before the marriage the future bride need to be kidnapped during some period of time by the future husband. So the girl who kidnapped must be placed in a safe place, can be one of the man-relative’s house of the chief’s house. Well that’s all I remember from what my local guide told me. 


So after that my guide took me to the Mosque there only this mosque bit different, they use tiles for the floor. I wonder do they use Buffalo-Sh*t too to mop the Mosque floor? I didn’t ask. Maybe I should….


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