Backpacking : Lombok – Party Areas, Snorkeling Spots…the Gilis…

I guess many of you know about Gilis (Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan which is also known as Gili T), but not the Gili that in Bali aka Gilimanuk (its the port in Bali that connect Bali and East Java). My trip this time I had no plan at all to visit Gili, well because I’ve been there back on four years ago with my brother and my friend, Deny, we were in Gili Trawangan for two or three days. So I didn’t put Gili in my list. But in the end I still visited Gili and I planned to stay for a night there but I didn’t do that since I need to catch my flight back to Jakarta on the next day. I went to Gili because my friend, who supposed to be my travel buddy in Lombok got a job there and since I had no idea what to do so I just visited him on the hostel. And yup last time I went there, Gili was so different with my first time there. 🙁

Some people (many people, include my friends, went to Gilis without visiting Lombok, usually directly from Bali take a boat straight to Gilis, spend sometimes there and back to Bali straight away). Me? Well I never done that. Twice I went to Gili and both I went from Lombok. Only to got there I took different way. Once I went there from Senggigi went all the way up to the North. And the second time I went through Pusuk (where the monkey forest is). Well from one way or another you need to reach Bangsal Port to get to Gilis, you need to take a boat from there (not the fast boat, to get to Gili Trawangan it cost IDR15.000 or around $1.5 one way). Well the boat prices from Bangsal port are IDR12.000 ($1.1) to Gili Air, IDR14.000 ($1.2) to Gili Meno and IDR15.000 ($1.5) to Gili T. It takes around 25 minutes to get to Gili Trawangan (the furthest among those three).

Gili Trawangan now is different the the first time I went there, now its getting crowded, more people, more tourists, more expensive (in almost everything). And yea more resorts! but of course there are some hostels and cheap hotels there which are still cost IDR150.000 ($15) for a night. Well first time you step your feet on Gili Trawangan you’ll notice many Party Invitation banners everywhere, travel agencies and well it feel like you are no longer in Indonesia. And there is no engine-based vehicles there, but you can rent a bike to go around the island (it takes around an hour to circle the island) and it cost IDR50.000 ($5) for a day. And also there are some wagon carried by a horse called Cidomo (I never take this one and no intention to take it, look at the horse, look miserable) and it cost around IDR100.000 ($10) to show you around.

When you walk around you’ll notice that there are many bars, restaurants, and cafes almost everywhere and in one spot you will find an abandoned restaurant which is, well it looked good but it abandoned. I do not know why but I took some cool photos there.

Things to do in Gili actually like sun-bathing and swimming, and also snorkeling. There are some nice spots there (not just Trawangan tho, there are some agencies that offers to take you to other spots like in Gili Meno and also Air, i do not know how much it cost right now but it was just around $5 four years ago), and in one spots you can find turtles easily swimming in the sea. Well if you are lucky enough. Or you can just chillax on the beach or cafe next to the becah like I did. Lol.

The beaches in Gilis actually really good and I got some good sunset pictures back there, well you just need to walk little bit further and you’ll find a nice spot which is not many people there and no bars or restaurant close to it. After the sunset its time to party! or you can watch some movies in many places there like bars or restaurants or hostels too. you choose, but these are just in Gili Trawangan. Gili Meno? well it’s more for honeymoon thingy. Or like family vacation which is not kinda party place. So if you want to do some party (get some magic mushrooms too) its better to go to Gili Trawangan, you can party everyday there (but mostly not like Indonesian party). But who cares, you want to party because you want to have some fun right? So have fun in Gilis!

More photos? here.

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