Backpacking : Lombok – Expensive entrance in Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan

This beach is not really far from Kuta Beach Lombok, but you’ll pass the 5 stars hotel to get there. Maybe around 5 or 6 kilometers from Kuta Beach, and yes there are no public transportation to go there. But if you stay at the hotel on Kuta, I guess some places can provide you a motorcycle or they can give you a ride to get to one place and another (we call this ojek/motorcycle taxi), but normally you need to bargain the ride price. My suggestion is still, try to rent either motorcycle or car.

Tanjung Aan Beach is almost similar with Kuta Beach, only not as wide as Kuta Beach. And more quiet then Kuta Beach. White sand and turquoise water surrounded by green trees and hill. The thing is the entrance fee is bit expensive IDR5.000 or $0.5. This beach is quiet, not many tourist here but many sellers. And like in Kuta they will try to sell you some stuff. Even if you are sitting in a Gazebo and bit out of the crowd, they will approach you and try to offer you some stuff. You can take a boat from here to get to an island (i forget the name) and for a boat ride cost IDR250.000 or around $25, but if you are with some friends, that can be good, you guys can share the cost. I didn’t go there coz I was alone and I didn’t even swim there because it was hot and I didn’t want to leave my stuff unguarded.

Tanjung Aan

There are some warungs there (huts where people sell some food). but they only sell drinks and coconut and cup-noodle. There are no proper meal that you can find there. I was there for only like 15 or twenty minutes. I just couldn’t stand with the seller, because in Kuta after sometimes they will leave you alone but not in here, they will sit close to you and won’t leave you alone.

Anyway other than that I took some beautiful photos of a beautiful scenery there in Tanjung Aan.

They is one famous spot next to Tanjung Aan, called Gerupuk Beach. This beach is very famous among surfers. I didn’t go there because I don’t surf, instead I went to Mawun Beach which is West part from Kuta beach.

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