Backpacking : Lombok – became bule in Mawun beach

Well I am not trying to be snob nor arrogant. Nor trying to be ‘sok bule’ or something like that. Even I know there are some people will think like that about me. My supervisor ever called me that ‘sok bule’ after I asked about the olive oil’s price. But I explained to her right away that I looked for the Olive Oil not that I want to be or look like bule. I want that because it’s the healthy oil compared to any fried oil that we have in Indonesia. Anyway, the word bule in Indonesia refers to a foreigner, especially white one. But it can also to be called to any foreigners nowdays.

It was in Mawun Beach that I had this experienced (well it wasn’t the first time tho but I had this kind of experienced too when I was in Bali and also in Solo, in my own country!). I don’t think that i have to be bule or look like bule to be handsome or hot or gorgeous coz I already am. 😛 I really am, if you don’t believe me just ask my Mum!

Mawun beach is located in the South of Lombok, toward West from Kuta Beach in Lombok. There is no public transportation to get there so you have to bring your own vehicle (you can rent a motorbike in Senggigi and it cost around $5 for a day and gasoline will be around $2 for full-tank. And its also possible if you want to rent a car there, only I have no idea about the price. So to get to Mawun, you need to drive all the way down of Lombok, well since my first destination was Kuta, I went to Mawun from there. So to get to Mawun you will pass some uphill road with gorgeous view. It’s like you can see the entire Lombok from there. You need to pay IDR3.000 or around $0.3 for the entrance and then you can park your motorbike at the place for it no need to pay for that. and then, the beautiful, gorgeous view is in front of you.

There is a big tree there that used for a shelter for the visitor (mostly bule), and when I was there, it was just a couple Indonesian visitors there and me. But i was alone. So I looked for a play to put my mat and i found it in the middle, so I spread my mat there and lay down on it. Put my sun-glasses on put some sunscreen (I wasn’t afraid to get tanned but I didn’t want to felt the sore after get some sun). And then there was a kid came between me and a bule guy next to me. He called ‘hello mister’ , I was so busy with my phone (choosing good songs on my playlist), the kid repeated ‘Hello mister’ and it turned out he said that to me. I didn’t replied earlier since I thought that he said that to a bule guy next to me. So I answered his call, then he offered me a coconut, I said ‘no thank you’, then he said ‘ananas?’ for pineapple, so I refused by said ‘enggak’ it means no in Bahasa (slank word). And then the kid was laughing and said to his friend (and pointing at me) ‘eh bulenya bisa bahasa Indonesia’ – ‘the bule can speak bahasa’. I was so silent, didn’t know what to do, if I confess that I were Indonesian, maybe he would feel shame in front of his friends, and if I didn’t, well I wasn’t bule either, so I choose to remained silent and lay on my back and listen to my earphones. lol.

Fallen asleep a bit and when I woke up there were many people coming, and most of them were Indonesian. So I left my stuff on my mat and I went to took some dip with my GoPro on in my hand. Played with water a bit. Made some letters on the sand and such. It was a perfect day! So sunny and so hot. Back to my spot and sat there, the kid came to me and offered me a drink, I refused it coz I had one but I asked for a corn. ‘Corn… Jagung’, and he understood what I said ‘fifteen’ he said (yea the corn was bit expensive, it cost IDR15.000 or around $1.5 for one), well I guessed that still think that I was a bule. Lol.

Enjoying my corn and looked around, especially to the local tourist got me think why this kid think that I was a bule. and by looked at the local people there and the stereotypes of Indonesian came to me: We travel with a big group, joking a lot and a loud, go to the beach fully clothed: a jeans, a jacket and a hat or something to cover the head, not really play with water just walk a bit and the wave came will run as it the wave chased after us. So maybe that too, since I went there alone, just wear a short and a tank-top shirt. Well maybe.

Hey I ever read and seen a book in a bookshop, it was my Dutch friend showed me that book. The book called ‘How to Catch Mr. Bule’, so I guess it’s like a manual how to date/get a bule. I don’t know what inside the book tho coz I never read it and don’t want too. I tell you guys this just in case you want to catch a bule, or want to know how to get a bule-hunter. lol

More photos about Lombok trip is here.


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