Backpacking Bali : Bali Itinerary for A Week


Everyone knows about Bali I guess, well most of you. Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia, even sometimes it more famous then Indonesia itself. Bali is one of the tourist destination in Asia (some blogs and webs and books mentioned about Bali as one of the Destination in Asia, beside Thailand, Laos and the others, but not so much mention Indonesia. Well who’s false was that, that the island could be more famous than the country itself). I ever talked to some people who told me that they ever visited Bali but never been to Indonesia. Well anyway, I ever posted some stuff about Bali such as my Bali Trip last year, about Balinese Wedding that I ever seen, and also some Photos about Bali that I took when I was there. But I never post anything about my itinerary (none of my trips actually) and my friend from Philippines asked me to make one, so here it is.

Actually an itinerary for every traveler/people can be different, it depend on their preferences, I mean like some stuff that interested to them, or by the news that one heard or read. And what do you like the most? Nature? Culture? or Party? Well, I’ll try to combine all of them on this itinerary here, and I’ll start from the area close by the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Day 1: Kuta & Seminyak Area

Seminyak Beach

Exploring Kuta Beach walk from the Discovery Mall (if you want) until passing the Kuta Beach, then Legian Beach, Double Six Beach until Seminyak Beach (trust me that’s really long walk!) And there is a nice beach bar that very famous there among couchsurfers called La Plancha, its so cool to see the sunset sitting on the huge colorful pillow on the beach drinking (well what do yo prefer, booze? smoothie?).
well some places to see around this Kuta:
– Kuta Beach
– Legian Beach
– Double Six Beach
– Seminyak Beach
What to do in those places? well you can do almost everything, like chill out on the beach, sun-bathing, swimming, surfing, well for sure those places will be more crowded when the sunset comes. Oh there will be many ladies gonna approach you and over you a massage.
– Walk around Legian beach is kinda cool, there are many shops there if you want to buy a sleeveless tshirt with Bintang logo on the front and back of it. but for sure do not forget to bargain. Beach-sarong, flip-flops, sunscreen, anything you can find it around this street.
– Partying! there are many clubs and bars around this Legian street. One is the famous one close to the Bali Bombing Monument called Sky Garden,  which foreigner doesn’t have to pay to get in but local has to. Or another famous club called Bounty, which is so crowded and I had bad experienced there. well other than those two there are many like Paddy’s too.

Day 2: Nusa Dua and around the South Island

Well actually there are two options around this side of an island, you can chose the West side or East side? Or both sides? Well if its possible those two sides are cool too. Well let’s just start from the East side, you can go to the Nusa Dua beach, you can do some snorkeling around those part of the beach (well actually you need to take a boat that will take you off the shore and do some snorkeling around there, there is an island for turtle conservation close to this (Idk if its still open now since it turned out there was no license for the conservation thingy of this island)
Go West to Pecatu Beach (this beach is cool tho) or you can go right away to Uluwatu Temple, A big and a wonderful Hindu temple on the cliff. There are many monkeys in this place just beware and keep you precious stuff inside your bag. Close to Uluwatu Temple there is Uluwatu Beach which is for surfing and there is Padang-Padang Beach on the other way from Uluwatu Beach, it’s good for surfing too and also good if you just want to relax and chill.
Going toward Kuta Beach you’ll pass the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), the Big Vishnu Statue which is still not finished  yet, the opposite of this GWK you can go to the Dreamland beach (need to pay for the entrance area tho, and you’ll pass some resort first.

Day 3: Tanah Lot & Canggu


Ride a motorbike to Tanah Lot and visit a beach in Canggu can be nice, not so crowded and just relax, or you can start the opposite because watching sunset in Tanah Lot is awesome too, can be so magical. And at night you can do party at Deus in Canggu, this one is very famous, live music and continue with DJs performing their music.

Day 4: Ubud

Monkey Forest
This part of Bali is very Bali, in Ubud you can see the paddy rice fields, Balinese art (there are some art performances in Ubud like traditional dances and also you can feel the Balinese culture in here. Stay overnight in here is really good, well the weather is different with in Kuta area, here is more chill.

There are a lot of new places that just found and ready to be explored close to Ubud like in Tampak Siring, there is a temple called Tirta Empul Temple, its getting famous these days and its really good, you clean your sins there.

Tirta Empul Temple

And in Tampaksiring too there is one famous temple called Gunung Kawi Temple. actually there are two Gunung Kawi Temple, one in Tampaksiring and another one in Sebatu. those two are cool, but the one in Tampaksiring was I like the most.

Gunung Kawi Temple Tampaksiring

Day 5: Besakih Temple and Up North to Lovina Beach

Melanjutkan prosesi meajar-ajar ke Pura Besakih #ngaben #hindu #bali #besakih

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Well maybe its time to go North of Bali to get to Lovina beach, there are many options to get there but I think its cool just take the road which passes Bedugul, coz its really worth to see. Its a temple in the middle of the lake and of curse you can do some water sport activity in here. go North and you’ll pass Munduk where you can see two lakes from the top of the till and in here will be bit foggy and cooler than Ubud or Bedugul. Actually there are some activities that you can do in Munduk like Wilderness and such, only do you have a time for that or not? coz if you try to see Bali in a week will be bit rush. well like what I did. And there are some waterfalls too in many parts of Munduk. And continue go North until Lovina beach and stay overnight there and you can do snorkeling or diving trip the next day to either Menjangan Island or Pemuteran (there is underwater temple in here).

Day 6: Snorkeling or Diving

Well if you wake up early in the morning there is a chance that you can see some dolphins in Lovina beach (but you need to rent a boat to go bit off shore), and after that some fun snorkeling or diving either in Menjangan Island or Pemuteran, well you can choose, but if you want to do in those both places you need to stay here bit longer, coz the snorkeling activity takes one full day and they will return you back to your hotel in the afternoon or evening, depend. lol.

Day 7: Go South, Chill out in Kuta beach and wait for your flight

Well, it’s time to go back to the South, back to Kuta Beach, and well you can chill out there while waiting for your flight. 🙂

Well that was one example of one week itinerary in Bali, and I know that it bit hurry because it just for a week, if you have time more then a week for sure you can explore more and visit some other places such as Sanur beach, Amed and some others. I didn’t put ‘shopping’ on the itinerary coz I don’t really like shopping, beside if you want to do shopping you can do it in some places above like around Kuta, Tanah Lot, Ubud but if you want special time you can go to Sukawati (it’s local market which you need to bargain first).

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