Backpacking : Baduy Tribe – Banten

Well Baduy is a Tribe which live in Banten. the tribe life is very unique coz they repelled technology. No electricity no telly no cellphone no toilet!! they have one huge bathtub (also toilet) and they share it with everyone… the big river behind their houses. well I think it’s fine sometime to bath at the river and live with no electricity but for all the times? No thank you. Or maybe I can do it if I try to adaptation there. but my life is here so no thank you, just to experience some things was great.

Anyway, the Baduy people really hold tight the tradition. the men wear unbutton clothes (white for people from Baduy dalam and Black for Baduy luar). they wear headband and bracelet (left hand for a girl and right hand for a boy). this bracelets were gift from the Chief from Baduy dalam. this bracelet believed as Penolak Bala or this thing can help people stay and keep them save from danger and bad thing that might happened to them. The men from Baduy always carry machete everywhere they go. kinda scary actually. But people from Baduy never wear sandal and always bare foot. no matter how hard how far and how hot the trek they kept their feet free.. since they repelled the technology (even school) so they were not allowed to used transportation. any kind of transportation. so if they would go no matter how far their destination they must do it on foot. Wow. I’m sure I can’t do that. Would you walk if you want to go to Bali from Jakarta?? (answer it yourself).

So my trip to Baduy tribe was great. I got a text from my CS friend. she asked me if I want to go to Baduy and she told me the itinerary and the price was IDR 80k all included. that was cheap, eh? So I replied her and told her that I was in. Well it turned out that my friend didn’t join me, so it was me and my American friend and of course we met the other member (and also groups! i thought mine was the only group would go to Baduy. lol) so we went there from Jakarta by train (the economic one) and it was bad. you know economic train so you know how I was feeling back there. And my American friend said that he wanted to sit on the train’s roof.

Anyway we made our-self to the Baduy by trekking. we were staying at Baduy luar coz foreigner not allowed to entered Baduy dalam. so we were staying there for a night. no electricity no sound of music or telly or radio and no cellphone service also. so it felt like being isolated. totally isolated. but if just for vacation a day or two just fine.

So our place was in the 3rd village and after we reached there all of us played in the river straight away. My friend Nicholas was swimming in the river and others join him. but i went for a walk a bit did like river trekking and voila! you know what i saw? people were bathing and a kid pooing there!!! disgusting!! so I went back and I told my friends about it. Nicholas went for a walk to checked it by himself and he found what I found…hehehe… still want to take a dip there?? your choice.

Well we spent a night there and did some chat with no electricity but a candle. after sometimes we all ready to sleep, resting and get fit for the next day : long trek to see the bridge made from root. Since the house were full so i decided to seep outside and so did Nicholas.

Next morning I woke up early and as always my biological hours, i needed to do number two and of course no option but the river. so since it was still bit dark, i grabbed my head lamp and walk a bit further from the house. I found a big stone so i thought i was the perfect place to take a shit. so i squatted there and about ready to finished. i saw a movement in the corner of my eyes and  not so long that movement getting closer to me. And I was in shock when a Baduy women walk passed by in front of me while was still squatting, and he looked down at me.

Anyway after we packed everything, had breakfast then start to trekking. well the trek was bit heavy with backpack on your back muddy trek so yeah, kinda hard. Wiro is our survivor until we got back to Cibolegar village. the trip was good but heavy. well at least for me. I think i need to do some exercises to increase my endurance and strength. lol. Time to sign up for a gym!!

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