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My plan about this blog is about my traveling experiences, traveling plans, some stories about that, my opinions about that stuff and also what i have in my mind. 🙂 don’t worry I’m not crazy so most likely you won’t be crazy either by read my blog. but I hope it can help you somehow in something that you guys needs.

Well, i know that my travel experience wasn’t that much. many people done it way much much much much more than I did. I can name you some, either Indonesian or International. Just said that I’m a newbie in this traveling stuff but i love it from the bottom of my butt. lol. Anyway about traveling, especially as we are Indonesian, we have this kinda thought: some people have much time to travel but less money, and some people have much money but little time to travel. and yup that thought stuck in my mind and for sure I’m in a second group, but I don’t have that much money to spend. I had a thought that I wanted to work while travel but it seems that plan was just a plan. Well i said that because i have inner conflict which is not that easy to solve it.

Anyway, I hope that you guys find it interesting and funny and helpful by reading my blog, and I will keep posting some stuff which is related to travel and trip. and i hope you don’t mind if you find some posts about my hometown, who knows I can make tourists come to my hometown and then the Regent of Blitar consider me as the Tourism Ambassador of Blitar? That sounds so GOOD! lol. So I suggest you guys to COME and VISIT Blitar, take a look and who knows you will like it or even, love it. lol.

About my travel experiences, here are some photos of my traveling, I hope you guys like them all like i do. 🙂 Hey, should i uploaded some photos of my feet? i have a lot for that. lol

about me


Hi, I’m Ardita Sukma, well currently I’m working at the Government-owned company as ‘mas-mas kantoran‘ or in English maybe like ‘a boy who work at the office.’ 🙂 . I live in Jakarta right now, live close to my office so i can avoid traffic and flood which are quite common in Jakarta. it was not my plan to work in Jakarta tho, I had my ‘not so good plan’ back there which was  being rejected by my parents. so here i am now trying to make my parents proud.

Anyway, it’s the story of my life and I’ll try to make it right (according to my vision without broke my parent hearts), I like travel a lot, love photography so much, like to make some sketches and i like to play with colors. Well, i’m trying to make some money with it also, just for freelance tho and to fulfill my hobby as well. 🙂

Meanwhile enjoy this blog, my trips, my experiences, my crazy minds and of course some stuff from my cameras. Hope you guys like it!

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